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For a greener future

Think green, act green, live green!

Our hotel mixes modern comfort with a commitment to sustainability. We believe that together we can make a positive change by making cons­cious choices. From our eco-friendly infrastructure to local partnerships, we pay attention to detail to minimise our environmental footprint. Experience a sustainable stay that not only offers relaxation, but also makes a positive contribution to the planet. Welcome to a world where every step towards sustainability counts.


In 2023, we added an environmentally friendly touch to our range: our BMW i3 electric car. Originally intended as an employee vehicle, it is now also available to our guests. During your stay, you have the option of hiring this vehicle to make your journey of discovery sustainable. Reserve your green driving companion directly during the booking process and discover the Schladming-Dachstein holiday region.

Social component

At our hotel, sustainability not only stands for environmental protection, but also for social responsibility. We source our products exclusively from regional areas, whether it's our food or the renovation work at the hotel, we rely on local companies. We offer fair working conditions for our team and promote local culture and traditions. We are committed to ensuring that every guest and every employee feels that they are part of a socially responsible community. Together, we are shaping a sustainable future in which everyone benefits.

Photovoltaic system

A photovoltaic system was installed on our hotel roof in 2023, covering an area of 400 m². Photovoltaic systems convert sunlight directly into electricity and thus utilise an inexhaustible, renewable energy source. This reduces our dependence on fossil fuels, which are in limited supply and release climate-damaging gases when burned. With our PV system, we utilise solar energy to make your stay environmentally friendly.

Swimming pool heating

The water in our swimming pool, which is open all year round, is heated by solar panels.

Woodchip heating

In 2009, we converted our heating system to a wood chip system, which heats our entire hotel and the staff building. When burning wood chips, only as much CO₂ is released as the tree absorbed during its growth. This heating method therefore offers an environmentally friendly, efficient and sustainable alternative to conventional heating systems.


Our carefully trained cleaning ladies clean your rooms and use environmentally friendly cleaning products. During your stay, we only change the towels that are on the floor in order to conserve resources.

Kitchen - Economical use of food - Recycling

We are committed to using resources sparingly and attach great importance to recycling. Our kitchen aims to minimise food waste by planning and portioning carefully. The soap and shampoo dispensers are also refillable. Our credo is a conscious approach to food.

Kitchen - plastic-free

Our dedicated chef not only spoils your palate but also protects the environment by using plastic-free packaging or packaging-free options when purchasing food. Avoiding plastic helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste produced, which often ends up in landfill or in the oceans, where it can damage marine ecosystems.

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