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Experience unforgettable days of hiking in the breathtaking Schladming-Dachstein region. The impressive landscape promises the perfect adventure for every hiker, from leisurely strolls to challenging mountain expeditions. The region is famous for its majestic mountains, lush alpine meadows, and crystal-clear streams and mountain lakes.

Wrap up an exciting day by sipping on a delicious cocktail by our pool, or indulge in a soothing massage before enjoying a culinary treat on our hotel terrace or in the restaurant.

From your breakfast table straight out into the mountains

Our hotel serves as an excellent starting point for relaxed walks, fascinating theme trails, impressive summit hikes, invigorating excursions next to the water, and via ferratas for guests who love heights. If you have any questions about the most beautiful tours, our hosts Sandra & Heinz are happy to share a few tips with you every morning.

The following tours can be started directly from the hotel, with details referring to the full tour out and back:


Tour Details:
Distance: ca. 6.5 km
Time: ca. 2 hours 30 min
Elevation change: 270 meters
Difficulty: easy

This theme hike takes you on a short stretch next to the Rössingstraße out to the Luser­ Waterfall. You will then continue up a few steps to the Burgstaller, also the site of a small tarn that is ideal for a souvenir photo. Now follow the Rabingerweg downhill and finally back to the hotel.

Ahornsee And Grafenbergsee

Tour Details:
Distance: ca. 14 km
Time: ca. 6:00 hours
Elevation change: 1,000 meters
Difficulty: intermediate

This challenging hike, including a refreshing dip in the lake, is a secret tip of ours. Walk from the Kneipp spa in Weissenbach to the Jagdhaus, and from there via a steep forest path to the shore of the Ahorn­see. After hiking for another 30 minutes, you will finally come to the Grafen­bergsee.


Tour Details:
Distance: ca. 18 km
Time: ca. 8:00 hours
Elevation change: 1,300 meters
Difficulty: difficult

You might also wish to conquer our best-known local mountain. Classified as "difficult", you will definitely need to be a surefooted hiker to tackle this hike. The path initially leads to the Burgstaller, then through the forest and via a steep section, ultimately bringing you to the Storn­alm, an unstaffed mountain hut. Now it will be time for your final assault on the summit of the 2,049 meters-high Kufstein. You will then make your way back down via the Grafen­bergsee and Ahorn­see, then past the Kneipp spa before finally returning to the hotel.

Rewarding tours that you will be able to reach easily using public transportation or your own car.


Tour Details:
Distance: ca. 4 km
Time: ca. 2:00 hours
Elevation change: 300 meters
Difficulty: intermediate

This is a hike accompanied by water in abundance, leading via an alpine trail known as the "Höll" to the idyllically situated Riesachsee. The trail itself demands a true head for heights, otherwise we suggest using the forestry road instead, which also doubles as the way back. Having arrived at the top, you will be able to enjoy a cool, refreshing dip in the lake and a delicious bite to eat at the Gfölleralm.


Tour Details:
Distance: ca. 8 km
Time: ca. 3:30 hours
Elevation change: 400
Difficulty: intermediate

Most of the vertical gains on this particular hike will be taken care of by riding the Hauser Kaibling gondola. Now setting out from the top station, you will hike over Hauser Kaibling summit before dropping back down to the picturesque Moaralmsee. You can return the way you came, or via the Kaiblingalm instead.
Dogs are not permitted on this hike.


Tour Details:
Distance: ca. 4 km
Time: ca. 1:30 hours
Elevation change: 180
Difficulty: easy

Snow in summer? How about a walk to the Seethalerhütte on the Dachstein.
You will first ride up the mountain on the Dach­stein gondola. If you stay 2 or more nights, this ride is included free of charge with the Schladming-Dachstein Sommercard. Your snowy walk will then lead you along a maintained path to the Seethalerhütte. Finally, you will return along the same route.

Reach for new heights! - 30 fixed-cable climbs

22 of the 30 fixed-cable climbs in the Schladming-Dachstein region are located in the neighboring community of Ramsau, only a few minutes' drive away. In this via ferrata El Dorado, rookies as well as experienced climbers and even "pros" will all discover the challenges they are looking for. A detailed overview of fixed-cable climbs in the area can be found right here.

Via ferratas

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